I am going on vacation. How can I protect my house?
  • Don't publicize your trip until after you return.
  • Don't leave large amounts of cash or jewelry in your home. Consider a safe deposit box, if appropriate.
  • Contact the Cleveland Police Department's House Watch program. They will check your house daily to assist you in keeping your property safe while you're gone (apartments / condos excluded). Call 281-592-2621 for more information.
  • Consider using a trusted friend or relative as a house sitter while you're gone.
  • Check and lock all doors and windows.
  • Make arrangements for someone to pick up your newspaper and mail daily; change the position of the drapes and pick up debris in the yard at least every other day; watch your house (preferably a close neighbor) and have them park their car in your driveway; and mow the lawn on your regular schedule

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