How do I get a copy of a police report?

The Cleveland Police Department provides involved parties copies of police reports and traffic accident reports for incidents that occurred within the city limits of Cleveland. Accident reports can be picked up between 5 to 10 days after the report has been filed. You may request a copy of a report by coming by the police department in person.

Rates updated by Ordinance 1181 on December 18, 2018. Below are our new fees:



Requests for accident reports prepared by the Cleveland Police Department


Requests for records and reports prepared by or in the custody of the Cleveland Police Department other than accident reports


Requests for clearance letters


Attorneys, insurance companies, or other agencies representing an involved party in a Cleveland Police case, can mail requests to: Cleveland Police Department, Records Division 226 Peach St. Cleveland, TX 77327

Please place your request on your business letterhead, and include as much information pertaining to the date and time, nature of the case, and involved parties as you may have. Please include a statement that states your interest in the case. You may call the Cleveland Police Department to find out the fee associated with your request at 281-592-2621.

Texas State Law regulates who may receive copies of cases. In some instances, your copy may be edited to withhold certain information pending disposition of the case or for other reasons.

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