Ride Along Program

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for both the participant and officer. All civilians who choose to participate in the program:

  • Shall ensure that a current Release of Liability Form is on file in the dispatch office prior to beginning each tour
  • Shall contact the on-duty shift supervisor and advise that supervisor of their intent to accompany a member of the Cleveland Police Department prior to beginning their tour
  • At no time shall a participant carry on or about their person a handgun or any other type of weapon (small pocket knives will be the only exception)
  • Shall be dressed in a manner that will not bring discredit to the organization or the police department
  • Shall follow any and all lawful instructions given to them by a sworn officer of the department
  • May accompany an officer while he/she contacts the complainant on a routine report taking call where the suspect is not reported to be on scene
  • Anytime a participant is out of the patrol unit with the patrol officer(s), he/she shall stand quietly and observe