Police in the Community

August 18, 2020

In appreciation for the job they do in keeping our community safe, Cleveland Chamber of Commerce recognized Cleveland Police Chief, Darrel Broussard and the Cleveland Police Department as the Business of the Month.

Group of police employees, city manager, chamber staff

Summer tips for parents & questions to help protect your children - never let your guard down.
Cleveland Police Department

  • Who is babysitting your child or keeping them while you work?
  • Talk to your kids about their day or what happened while you were away.
  • Ask did anyone do anything to hurt them or make them feel uncomfortable
  • Did anyone do something unusual; and tell the child not to tell anyone?
  • Did someone touch them inappropriately in their private area & promise to buy or give them gifts or toys? Was a child told to keep it between the individual and their self?
  • Talk to sitters about any weapons or access to unsecured weapons in the home or facility. Teach children to report to an adult any found weapons or guns. Teach them not to touch it!!
  • Don't talk to strangers and do not get into vehicles with strangers.
  • Summertime kids are home from school and outside playing. Be extra vigilant for kids riding bicycles, playing around and behind vehicles.
  • Don't leave your kids in hot cars!!! Always check the rear passenger seat area. Make it a habit to look at your child's car seat.

Career Day 2015

On April 29, 2015, Officer Fleming spoke to the kids at Southside Elementary School for Career Day.

Erica Fleming - 4-29-15 - Career Day


On November 13, 2014 Cleveland Police Department officers presented students at MET Headstart with safety tips: "Vehicle Safety Seatbelts"/ "Child Car Safety Seats, "Stranger Danger", ect.

Headstart - Police

Back to School Event

Saturday, August 2, 2014 - Cleveland Police Officers Erica Fleming and Kristie Rocha got to hang out with Disney cartoon characters during the "Back to School" event held at the Cleveland Civic Center. This event was able to provide much needed school supplies for many area students. 

 Other local businesses and vendors along with the Cleveland Police Department set-up booths and collected school supplies, and some of our police officers helped personally to fund extra supplies that were offered to those attending the event.

 "Something positive, and a sharing of encouragement to our youth, that education is the key to being eligible for higher accomplishments in life."

Thanks to all - Police Chief Darrel Broussard

Cleveland PD at the 2014 Fair

Visit to Police Station - July 10, 2014

Several kids visited the Cleveland Police Station on July 10th and got a tour of the facility and a talk about police job responsibilities, child safety, training and education. We start recruiting early here in Cleveland.

Officer George Suarez and Police Chief Broussard did the tour and talk.

Kids at Station Cropped

MET Headstart Community Service - June 2014

Recently, Cleveland Police Department Officers Sergio Lopez and Derrick Pohts visited with the kids at MET Headstart and the students were taught the importance of wearing seat belts, using safety car seats, gun safety, and given information on other youth safety issues.

The students enjoyed sitting inside the patrol cruiser acting as police officers, activating the emergency equipment, and talking on the in-car PA system and singing the song: “Bad Boys, Bad Boys; what you gonna do when they come for you, Bad Boys”….!

The officers as well as the students enjoyed the fun-filled event.

Lopez-Pohts 6-27-14