City Secretary


The city secretary is the liaison between City Council, Economic Development Corporation, Zoning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustments, city staff, and the public. The City Secretary’s Office will provide information accurately and timely to our citizens with respect and integrity.

Legislative Processes

The city secretary administers legislative processes which include:

  • Agenda development for various boards
  • Take minutes for various boards
  • Research support for Administration and City Council
  • Legal notifications and advertising in accordance with state law
  • Conducts municipal elections
  • Creates Proclamations as needed

Records Management

The city secretary is the official records manager of the City of Cleveland, which includes:

  • Handling public information requests
  • Maintaining the Code of Ordinances
  • Maintaining the City Charter (PDF)
  • Maintaining cemetery records for two municipal cemeteries (Cleveland Memorial Cemetery and Cleveland Memorial Gardens Cemetery)