City Council


  • Third Tuesday of each month (timing changed Aug 2015)
  • Meetings start at 6:00 p.m.
  • City Hall Council Chambers
         907 E. Houston St.
         Cleveland, TX 77327

Due to special circumstances the start time and date of the council meeting may be adjusted. Check the current agenda to determine actual time and place.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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The City of Cleveland has a city manager-council form of government. The City of Cleveland City Council consists of Mayor and five council members. Council terms are for two years with a limited on number of terms served. Current sitting council members are:

  • Mayor Otis Cohn - On March 6, 2020, Cleveland lost its beloved Mayor Otis Cohn after his lengthy illness. Over the years, Mayor Cohn faithfully served the citizens of our city as both City Councilman and Mayor. Mayor Cohn has been instrumental in leading our transformational progress over the last several years, and his leadership and friendship will be missed by all of us. Mayor Pro-Tem, Carolyn McWaters is fulfilling his duties at this time.
  • Mayor Pro-Tem/Council Position 1 - Carolyn McWaters -
  • Council Position 2 - Marilyn Clay - 
  • Council Position 3 - Fred Terrell -
  • Council Position 4 - Jennifer Bergman - 
  • Council Position 5 - Danny Lee - 

Email the council members by using the email addresses above.  Please include your name and address when sending correspondence to the City Council.

Notice: The members of the Cleveland City Council are elected officials. State law provides that all correspondence sent to them (by any means, including email) is a public record. Certain records such as personal information may be exempt from disclosure. Therefore, any correspondence relating to city business sent to the council (by any means, including email) by any member of the public will be disclosed to any person who makes a request, unless exempt from disclosure under state law.

Contacting the Council

The Mayor and council representatives can be contacted privately or the entire council can be addressed during their meetings. To address the council during a meeting, you must provide your name, address, and item of discussion on the sign-in sheet located outside the Council Chambers prior to the opening of the meeting.

Those citizens signed up to speak will be called upon by the Mayor in the order in which they appear on the sign-in sheet. Before beginning their remarks, citizens shall state their name and address for the record. Remarks are limited to three minutes.

Council Responsibilities

The five-member City Council is the legislative forum for the City of Cleveland. The council may adopt and enforce ordinances of all kinds relating to local or municipal affairs and appropriate to the good government of the City of Cleveland.

Elected by the citizens of Cleveland, members of the council are dedicated to protecting the interests of their constituents. Council members are elected every two years for two-year terms. The terms are staggered so they start in different years. Members are non-partisan (they do not represent political parties) and are elected at-large (they do not represent a specific geographical area). All receive a monthly salary, plus reimbursement for any expenses.

In addition, the Cleveland City Council has all other powers allowed to cities under the constitution, including those related to the acquisition, sale, ownership, improvement, maintenance, protection, restoration, regulation, use, leasing, disposition, vacation, abandonment or beautification of public ways, real property of all kinds, waterways, structures, or any other improvement or use of real or personal property, and in the rendering of local social, cultural, recreational, educational, governmental, or corporate services, including operating and supplying of utilities and municipal services. The council also has authority over the city’s powers of taxation.